Travel to Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, AZ

Super Bowl LVII takes place in Glendale, Arizona, on Feb. 12, 2023

Once again, NFL fans will descend on the Phoenix area for a Super Bowl 2023. State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona will be the scene of Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023. If you want to attend the game in person, now is the time to plan your trip. Hotel accommodations close to the stadium are evaporating, and you probably don’t want to wait until the last minute to book a flight. 

What Airports Are Near Glendale, AZ State Farm Stadium?

The biggest airport in the vicinity of State Farm Stadium is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Sixteen airlines fly in and out of this location that is also served by multiple international airlines including Air Canada, Sun Country, and Volaris. 

As the primary commercial airport for Glendale, you should be able to find flights from a city in your area of the country. However, despite being a major hub for tourist traffic, you should expect delays when traveling during the time of the Super Bowl. 

Although the weather should be lovely in Glendale, other areas of the country may be contending with blizzards and freezing rain in February. Weather delays throughout the continent trigger cascades of delays everywhere in the aviation system that can affect all airlines. 

On top of the threat of winter weather, airline travel has become more fraught with delays and cancellations as the air carriers contend with low staff after shedding qualified personnel during the pandemic.

To protect yourself from flight delays, at least on your way to the Super Bowl, pad your schedule before the game. Strive to get a flight into Phoenix early in the day before the Super Bowl. Better yet, aim for flying in two days before the championship. This gives you time to salvage the situation should your flight get canceled. You would not enjoy having a flight canceled when you’re trying to get there the night before or even the morning before the game. 

For private charters and personal aircraft, you’ll likely enter the metropolitan area through Glendale Municipal Airport. You won’t miss the crowds at Sky Harbor, and the amenities at this small local airport include a restaurant. 

How Much Do Super Bowl 2023 Tickets Cost?

As you can imagine, going to the Super Bowl is never a cheap outing. As the most-hyped sporting event of the year with legions of NFL fans to draw upon, Super Bowl tickets start at roughly $5,000. And that’s before the regular season has even begun. 

As the months go by, the Super Bowl 2023 tickets price is likely to increase as the pool of available tickets dwindles. AZCentral reports that Super Bowl ticket purchases come in three waves. Hardcore fans buy the first wave of tickets as soon as they are available because they attend the Super Bowl no matter who plays, or they choose to scoop up tickets and hope to sell them at a profit later. For the 2023 game, early interest in visiting Glendale for the game has been strong, and many local hotels are booked already. 

Once football season begins, a second wave of ticket buying occurs. At the completion of the post-season, the third wave heats up as fans of the specific teams decide to go the game. 

Where Can I Buy Super Bowl 2023 tickets?

Official sellers of Super Bowl tickets let you buy package deals that include accommodations and VIP events.

On Location acts as an official NFL dealer with a ticket authenticity guarantee.

Hall of Fame Experiences

This ticket seller has tickets available throughout the stadium. Travel packages to Super Bowl with hotels and ground transportation are available as well.

Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats operates a tickets marketplace. This provider invites buyers of Super Bowl tickets to call  866.827.7094 for personal service when purchasing tickets.

Where Should I Stay When I Visit The Glendale Super Bowl?

Hotels near State Farm Stadium in Glendale are reportedly booked up for Super Bowl Sunday. However, some people might cancel, so it’s worth checking for rooms at nearby hotels. Prices will be very high for any rooms near the stadium. 

As an alternative, some attendees may choose to rent hotels or short-term vacation rentals in nearby cities and drive into Glendale on the game day. 

If you have any friends or relatives in the Phoenix area, you could ask to stay at their house. Just be sure to bring a nice host gift or buy them a ticket!

What To Do If You Can’t Get Tickets To The Super Bowl

Even if you have the money, tickets might simply be unavailable if you wait too long to buy them. 

Fortunately, the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee has organized a fan festival in downtown Phoenix at Margaret T. Hance Park. Events will take place during the week prior to kickoff. Free and open to the public, the festival gives locals a way to participate as well as travelers who either couldn’t get tickets or prefer to enjoy the scene without bothering with the crowds at the stadium.

How to Stay Safe When You Travel to Super Bowl

Hordes of NFL fans focused on the big game attract thieves. As you would on any out-of-town trip, you need to consider your personal safety. Most people will be pleasant and positive, but predators exist in all human ecosystems, so prepare yourself. 

  • A money belt to hold your cash and cards on your torso instead of in a vulnerable pocket wallet or purse is a good idea. It protects you from pickpockets. A card wallet on a neck lanyard is also useful. It keeps your precious credit card and ID right under your nose while still allowing you easy access. 
  • Stay with your group. You’re in a different city a long way from home. You need to stay with your buddies. Don’t accept any tempting offers to go to an after party somewhere without your group and your own transportation. 
  • Don’t get too intoxicated. Too much alcohol makes you vulnerable to muggers as well as a slip and fall injury. 
  • Make a plan for your transportation needs. Many hotels will have shuttles. If necessary, consider renting a car. You don’t want to be left on the street for hours waiting for a rideshare. 
  • Lastly, watch out for credit card skimmers when swiping your card around town. These are readers that credit card thieves insert on point-of-sale terminals to harvest your account numbers. Gas pumps and ATMs are common targets. Always look to see if the terminal looks normal and undamaged.

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